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We are at Bhupati Engineering, your premier destination for top-notch storage solutions in India. We're a certified Storage Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers in India holding an ISO 9001:2015 certification. Our dedicated team takes pride in offering the finest technical solutions, continuous innovation, and world-class services.

Understanding that each client has unique needs, we specialize in providing customized solutions tailored to meet specific requirements. With over 12 years of experience, our unwavering commitment to excellence ensures streamlined operations for your business. From individual components to full turnkey partnering packages, we offer a comprehensive range of products and services to cater to diverse needs.

Quality and durability are our hallmarks. We manufacture our products with high precision, adhering to global quality standards, and utilizing cutting-edge technology. We ensure professional, accurate, safe, and reliable management of materials through the use of the latest advanced technologies.

As a global leader in storage solutions based in India, our presence extends across domestic and international markets. Our focus on perfection across all business aspects has earned us recognition. We employ the best-quality raw materials and sustainable engineering designs to manufacture innovative implements meeting international standards.

Specializing in prefabricated bolted-panel Zincalume storage tanks, our products are specifically designed to store various liquids like water and wastewater. We execute turnkey projects with high precision, emphasizing quality control in compliance with both national and international regulations and standards.

We assure you of the highest quality and innovative technologies tailored to elevate your storage needs. Join us for a reliable, professional, and efficient solution to your storage requirements.

The Vital Role of Storage Tanks in India's Infrastructure

Storage tanks play a crucial role in India's infrastructure by providing a safe and efficient way to store liquids like water, chemicals, and petroleum products. These tanks ensure a steady supply of essential resources, aiding industries, agriculture, and households. They help in managing fluctuating demand and supply, especially in areas prone to water scarcity or where reliable storage is vital. Storage tanks also contribute to environmental safety by securely holding hazardous substances. In India, their significance lies in supporting various sectors and ensuring a consistent and reliable supply of essential liquids for daily operations, industrial processes, and emergencies.

Why are we the leading storage tank manufacturers & suppliers in India?

As leading Storage Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers, our Zincalume liquid storage tanks stand out for their ease of installation and relocation. These tanks, entirely bolted and equipped with internal food-grade PVC liners, prevent liquid contact with the Zincalume cylindrical wall. The innovative tank liners comprise multiple bonded PVC layers around a tough internal high-density polyethylene-woven reinforcing scrim.

Manufactured from steel sheets continuously coated with zinc and aluminum, Zincalume Water Storage Tanks offer exceptional corrosion resistance, making them ideal for enduring harsh atmospheric conditions. The aluminum in the coating acts as a barrier to protect the steel, while zinc provides sacrificial cut-edge protection, ensuring superior corrosion performance.

Here are five key advantages of our Zincalume liquid storage tanks:

1. Corrosion Resistance: The Zincalume steel's alloy coating provides excellent resistance against corrosion, minimizing cracking and peeling.

2. Versatility: These tanks offer a cost-effective option for storing various types of water, including Potable Water, Irrigation Water, and Fire Water with Water Reclamation, within a pH range of 3 to 12.

3. Superior Material: Comprising 55% Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc, and 1.5% Silicon, the Zincalume steel coating is distributed evenly on both surfaces, ensuring durable protection.

4. Tested Brand Reliability: Through stringent production standards and continuous research, Zincalume steel guarantees superior performance and durability, even in harsh environments.

5. Longevity and Flexibility: With a base steel coated in a 55% Al-Zn Alloy and a 150g/m2 coating, these tanks offer a blend of sacrificial and long-life barrier protection. Moreover, the pre-installed liners allow easy relocation and expansion of storage capacities with minimal expenses and disruptions.

Our commitment to providing durable, safe, and adaptable liquid storage solutions makes us the preferred choice for various industries seeking reliable storage tank solutions in India.

The variety of storage tank solutions we offer

As Storage Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers, we provide a diverse range of tanks to meet various needs:

1. On the Ground Tanks: These tanks are placed directly on the ground and are commonly used for storing liquids such as water, chemicals, or petroleum products.

2. Overhead Tanks (On the Roof): Installed atop buildings, these tanks ensure a gravity-fed water supply to meet domestic or commercial needs.

3. Self-Elevated Tanks (On Structure): Mounted on supporting structures, these tanks offer storage for various liquids and are commonly seen in industrial setups or elevated areas.

4. Underground & Partially Underground Tanks: Buried beneath the ground or partially submerged, these tanks are suitable for storing substances while optimizing space and ensuring environmental compatibility.

Our array of storage tank options caters to diverse requirements, ensuring reliable and efficient storage solutions for different industries and purposes across India.

Tailored Storage Solutions for Varied Industries in India

As Storage Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers in India, our cutting-edge solutions cater to a wide array of industries. We provide tailored storage solutions for diverse sectors:

1.    Sugar Industry
2.    Pharma Industry
3.    Chemical Industry
4.    Breweries Industry
5.    Paper Industry
6.    Textile Industry
7.    Power Projects
8.    Fire Fighting
9.    STP/ETP (Sewage Treatment Plants / Effluent Treatment Plants)
10.    Lakes/Lagoons
11.    Malls & Housing Societies
12.    Institutes & Colleges

With a commitment to excellence, we design and supply storage tanks that meet the unique requirements of each industry. Whether it's storing chemicals, water, wastewater, or firefighting reserves, our solutions ensure reliability, durability, and adherence to industry-specific standards. We aim to support these diverse industries in India with efficient and top-quality storage solutions for their specific operational needs.

Partner with leading Storage Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers in India.

Join us as the top Storage Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers for tailored solutions and reliable expertise in diverse industries.

1. Customized Solutions: Tailoring storage tanks to specific industry needs for optimal functionality and efficiency.
2. Cutting-Edge Technology: Implementing advanced techniques to ensure durable and reliable storage solutions.
3. Comprehensive Range: Offering a diverse array of tanks suitable for various liquids and industries.
4. Industry-Specific Compliance: Ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations for safety and reliability.
5. Expert Guidance: Providing expertise and support to help choose the right storage solutions for specific requirements.

Select Bhupati Engineering as your reliable choice for Storage Tank Manufacturers & Suppliers in India. Contact us for tailored solutions and information about our services and products to meet your storage needs efficiently and effectively.


Q.  What are storage tanks used for?
Ans. Storage tanks are containers used to hold liquids like water, chemicals, or fuel for various purposes in industries, homes, and businesses.

Q.  What materials are storage tanks made of?
Ans. Storage tanks are often made of materials like steel, fiberglass, or plastic, selected based on the stored liquid's properties and tank requirements.

Q.  How do I choose the right storage tank size?
Ans. Consider the volume of liquid needed, available space, and usage frequency to determine the appropriate tank size for your requirements.

Q.  Are storage tanks safe for storing drinking water?
Ans. Yes, tanks designed for potable water storage undergo specific treatments and certifications to ensure they meet safety standards for drinking water.

Q.  How do I maintain a storage tank?
Ans. Regular inspections, cleaning, and maintenance, following manufacturer guidelines, help ensure the tank remains in good condition and safe for use.

Q.  Can storage tanks be installed underground?
Ans. Yes, certain tanks are designed for underground installation, offering space efficiency and environmental compatibility.

Q.  Do you offer custom solutions for specific needs?
Ans. Yes, we specialize in tailoring storage tanks to meet specific industry requirements for optimal functionality.

Q.  What makes your Zincalume tanks stand out?
Ans. Zincalume tanks offer excellent corrosion resistance, ease of installation, and the ability to prevent liquid contact with the tank walls.

Q.  Do you comply with industry standards and regulations?
Ans. Yes, we ensure that our tanks adhere to industry-specific standards and safety regulations.

Q.  How can I contact Bhupati Engineering for more information?
Ans. You can reach out to us for information about our services and products by contacting our customer service team through our website or given contact details.

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