Grain Storage Silos

These are of two types:

Flat Bottom SilosFlat Bottom Silos are the long time dry storage silos for longer terms.

Flat Bottom Silos are designed and constructed in accordance with ASTM A: 653 and have analysis certificates. For any kind of large port facilities, our verified product line and proven experience will provide you value well beyond the purchase.

These silos are erected on flat or conical concrete foundations. The volume of this type of silo ranges from 39 m3 to 25,232 m3.

This type of silo is used for both short-term and long-term storage of grain, oil seeds and other granulated free flowing materials.

This type of silo is used for both short-term and long-term storage of grain, oil seeds and other granulated free flowing materials. All the necessary accessories are also provided. In addition too, sweep auger is also fixed inside the flat concrete bottom for easy discharge outlets with valves. A sloped roof with manholes in it, roof ladder and handrails is also constructed at the top of the cylindrical side wall which is assembled. The necessary inside and outside ladders with guards are also provided too. There are some certain distinct advantages in using corrugated Zinc aluminum sheet panels instead of corrugated galvanized steel panels for building the silos. In alternative way, there is another option which is Hopper bottom grain silos.

Hopper Bottom SilosHopper bottom silos stand out from other storage and handling systems because they are often easier and

less problematic to unload. Opening just one discharge gate on a hopper silo can allow grain to flow out by gravity, with no mechanical equipment required.
The biggest advantage of hopper bottom silos is they allow total cleanout by gravity without the use of sweep augers. There is less material handling equipment, less electricity needed for unloading, and much less maintenance required. Foundations for hopper bottom silos are more economical compared to flat-bottom silos, because they can be erected without subterranean trenches. Hopper silos with larger storage requirements can also be stiffened for extra security, expanding their capacity.
Hopper bottom silos have long served as working silos for repetitive receiving and discharge of grain. This application is especially useful for holding wet grain or rice before it enters a grain dryer. Also, these silos can be elevated on a structure, allowing the truck driver to drive up underneath the silo for ease of loading, without the need for expensive turnarounds.
Hopper bottom silos are the best choice if your operation meets the following criteria:
•    You need a short-term storage solution;
•    You need ease of loading and discharge of stored materials; and
•    You require a quick transfer of stored materials to a truck or train.

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