Storage Tanks

 These Zincalume liquid storage tanks are very easy to install/relocate and can be put to immediate use after installation. These are completely bolted tanks that provide inside liners, and the most important advantage of these "internal food-grade pvc liners" is to ensure that the liquid will not come into contact with the Zincalume cylinderical wall. These tank liners consist of several permanently bonded pvc layers around a tough internal high-density polyethylene woven reinforcing known as the scrim.

Zincalume Water Storage Tanks are manufactured from steel sheet which has been continuously coated with zinc and aluminum to produce the excellent corrosion resistance that is commonly experienced by tanks that are exposed to the harshest of atmospheric conditions. Aluminum in the coating provides barrier protection to the steel while the zinc element provides sacrificial cut edge protection. It is this double protection mechanism which accounts for Zincalume Steel’s superior corrosion performance.

This material provides customers with one in every of the foremost price effective, project specific choices for the storage of any water between the pH ranges of three to 12 and includes Potable Water, Irrigation Water, Fire Water with Water Reclamation.

Zincalume steel is manufactured by an eternal hot dipped metallic coating process. The alloy coating of Zincalume steel provides glorious corrosion resistance and has been found to possess greater resistance to cracking and peeling.

Zincalume steel has an alloy coating of 55p.c Aluminum, 43.5% Zinc and 1.5% Silicon. The 150g/m2 (with choice of 200g/m2) coating weight is distributed equally on each surfaces of the coated strip. Metallic surface is coated with separate layers of special passivation resolution and resin.

Tested Brand:
Zincalume steel, the most stringent production standards ensures its superior performance and sturdiness. On continuous research and development, Zincalume steel now ensures that it’s able to face up to harsh environment for a extended period of time.

Sacrificial Protection:
After 9 months exposure beneath industrial marine atmosphere conditions, Zinclaume Steel provides higher performance at scribes of lower widths.  At the cut edge, galvanization steel is more inclined to corrosion, as compared to Zincalume steel.

Durability and Safety:
The base steel is coated with fifty five% Al-Zn Alloy with 150g/m2 coating. It combines the sacrificial edges of Zinc with long life barrier protection. Zincalume pre-installed liner sealed tanks are simply re-located and will also have storage capacities increased by extending the peak with minimal expense and disruption.


1.    Drinking Water Storage
2.    Rainwater Storage
3.    Fire-fighting Water Storage
4.    Agricultural Water Storage
5.    Fish Cultivation Water Storage
6.    Raw Water Storage
7.    Sewage Water Storage
8.    Industrial and Municipal Waste Water Storage
9.    Process and ETP Tanks
10.    Tanks for Molasses
11.    DM Water Storage


1.    Liner
2.    Man-Hole
3.    Turbine Vents
4.    Nozzels
5.    Inside & Outside Ladder
6.    Lever Indicators
7.    Nut & Bolts
8.    Stiffeners
9.    Hold-Down Bracket


1.    Sugar Industry
2.    Pharma Industry
3.    Chemical Industry
4.    Breweries Industry
5.    Paper Industry
6.    Textile Industry
7.    Power Projects
8.    Fire Fighting
9.    STP/ETP
10.    Lakes/lagoons
11.    Malls & Housing Society
12.    Institute & Colleges



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